Technology & Innovation In Energy Sector

The energy industry needs to evolve to meet the  challenges of rising energy demand, increased cost and reducing emissions.

The technology innovation are needed to balance the energy challenges in the World

The Innovation Solutions That will make future Brighter

  1. Use of Technology like Robot to Remote control Energy
  2. Increase Wind Turbines
  3. Innovative Residential Solar Management
  4. Wave Power Harvesting and Saving
  5. Developing friendly rooftops for Solar 7 Turbines Installation
  6. Developing Smart Energy storages

Columbia Global University & Brixwell Limited

Colombia Global Center Program

November 24, 2018 Saturday

Workshop Training

How to Conduct a Credible, Effective and Impactful Research



Columbia Global Centers|Nairobi in collaboration with Brixwell Limited will conduct a training workshop on research for End Year 2018.  Participants will learn how to collect data, analyse data, report writing and presentation.

Technology and Innovation are rapidly growing and changing.  Research is growing from traditional to advanced tools.  Data is increasing but data utilization is lacking in the market.  This workshop will equip you on how to effectively collect, translate and present your data.


            • Proposal Writing

            • Research Methodology

            • Statistical Analysis using SPSS

In Proposal Writing you will cover;  Concept paper | Winning proposal development | Project/Proposal Presentation Techniques | Project Integration.

In Research Methodology you will cover; Topic Development | Questionnaires Design | Data collection methods and tools | Data analysis tools and visualization | Plagiarism management and Journal Publication.

In Data Analysis using SPSS you will cover;  Descriptive Analysis | ANOVA/MANOVA | Correlation and Chi-Square Cluster analysis | Factor analysis | Content analysis | Multiple and simple Regression analysis | SPSS data analysis | The diagnostic test: Multiple linear regression, simple linear regression analysis, run the Q-Q normality test, Kolgomorov Smornov test, data visualization, import and export of data in SPSS.

The program was tailored for graduates, PhD’s, MBA, MSc, Corporates, NGO’s, Government Administrators, Private Sector, and Researchers

Work-Shop Practical Part

The Case Study Given by Audience for practice  was;

Topic: Factors Affecting Farming Performance

General Objective of the Study was; to establish the factors Affecting Farming Performance

Specific objectives were;

1.      To establish the effect of Technology on farming performance

2.      To examine the effect of the Training  on farming performance

3.      To assess the effect of pricing on farming performance

From the above sample the study used closed ended questionnaires which were coded in (Online survey) Survey Monkey

and sent to a pilot of 20 respondent and only 15 questionnaires were completed within the short time, and this was used

in our workshop practice.

  Data was coded in SPSS Data Coding: Scientific Package for Social Science

Multiple Linear Regression and Simple Linear Regression was used to test

1. Significance level of the variables,

2. Correlationship of the Variables

3. Hypothesis Test was done

4. Normality Test was also conducted

Y = β0+ B1X1+ B2X2+ B2X3+ B4X4 + e

Y = Dependent Variable

β0 = Constant (coefficient of intercept)

X1 = Independent Variable


X2 =

X3 =

e = error term



Lack of clean water has become a bog problem in our society and the globe at large. Dirty water is causing many diseases and also leading to increased death cases of both human beings and animals

With a warm welcome from SITA Team I appreciated a lot

“SITA has long been a trusted partner to Heathrow when it comes to managing our communication and IT infrastructure. They understand our requirements and are able to provide an innovative service management solution that is more effective but also can be scaled to meet our continued growth.”

Stuart Birrell, CIO at Heathrow

At SITA, our innovation focus is on collaboratively developing technology solutions and services for the air transport industry.


SITA Lab is SITA’s strategic technology research arm. Our role is to stimulate technological innovation in the air transport industry (ATI) and bring emerging technologies into SITA’s portfolio. We innovate in collaboration with airlines, airports, and technology specialists globally.



In support of Technology & Innovation Brixwell Limited Sponsors the Employees to attend and over see the Success of the Training and Event Management

Our Role is to ensure all delegates are satisfied to their expectation

We Work as one family in the Tech and Innovation

We believe that Technology is a tool for bringing us together

Training from the Firefox Mozilla Team


Training on Disability

After Attending this Training a lot have been going in my mind

Though I was influence to do more research and to look on fact about it, but the reality is that People with disability are ignored and forgotten by our society.


Many infrastructure are not friendly for them, institution are not welcoming

for more details join our Group we create awareness together